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tv   Today  NBC  July 12, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody. it is spanky tuesday, also known as boozeday tuesday. while hoda enjoys another day off, the lovely actress and so many other things, lorei loughln is here to help me out today. >> i am so glad you are here. >> everybody is atwitter that you are here. we are so lucky today. it is also martini tuesday.
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jeffrey zakarian is making fantastic scallops and stuff and the amazing paul b. did you leave something? >> sorry. let me get these. i whipped these up just for you. >> don't leave us high and dry. >> i am going to tell you the story of this martini. >> welcome and congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> it takes a gutsy man to do a remake of ghost busters. be careful. these are strong. this is a deuuke's martini from duke's hotel, made with no ice. you freeze the jen and the glass put a little vermouth, swill it
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around and flow it on the floor and straight gin and squeeze it on the floor. >> you are not an olive guy? >> no, i like the refreshing test of a lemon piece. you like your martinis like your wardrobe, incredibly elegant and styled. >> he has an extra layer in there. >> yeah. >> and the pocket square. they show off my lining. >> look at this. >> and the initials. >> he is putting you to shame. jeffrey has a great, great wardrobe. >> i am on notice. i got the memo. >> jeffrey is looking quite buff over there. >> he is very buff. >> here is the thing about you. i don't know you. i'm happy to meet you. i'm a fan. however, when i found out you
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dress like this during every shoot all day, you are not like woody allen all dressed all comfortable. >> if i got in the ship and the captain was wearing short pants and a t-shirt and a baseball hat, i would get off the ship. >> good. >> how many things of luggage do you have to bring with you? >> it is horrifying. >> i need the steam your trunks. >> and a large suite. >> what are you hoping for besides a huge hit this weekend? >> just that. i'm really hoping that people just have fun. with all whatever is going on behind the scenes as far as people on the internet getting crazy about this movie, it was made for one reason, to make people laugh, have fun and a great time. >> he said he would not do it unless he has the perfect,
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perfect cast. >> and due. >> you have to be a little disappointed in one of them. >> i'm only disappointed in myself. >> when you launched your movie, is there anything you should have tweaked or used a different take? >> you never finish a movie. they just take it away from you. i am so happy with it. when you do a big effects movie, you don't end up seeing the final one until a week before it comes out. we just got our final vfx shots and now it is fun to watch. >> we wish you the best and lift up a martini. >> jeffrey, don't be petty. he is pet tu louse and martini. >> i wonder where you got that made? >> isaia. i want everyone to down this as fast as they can and see what the rest of the show looks like. >> are you one of those that can do that, lori? >> no. i would be under the table.
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i would be in a coma. >> guess where she is going later today? want to tell everybody. >> i am doing a little guest spot on "blue bloods" this week. i go for a wardrobe fitting later. i work with tom selleck. i'm a little nervous. can you come and make one of these in the morning for me. i'm going to need it. >> down it. you'll be great. >> i'm a little star struck. >> we all are with tom. we wish you all the best. thank you so much, really. >> these are deadly. you know what we should do, is give him a glass of my stuff to be fair. >> may i? >> a lovely chardonnay, nice and buttery. what has this show become? >> my favorite show in the world. can i be your co-host or your weatherman? >> i can be the bartender. >> "ghost busters" opens? >> thursday night.
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leslie is on our show tomorrow. we will have some fun with her. give it up, everybody for paul feig, please. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> we are huge fans, huge fans. >> paul thinks he is staying. >> shall i leave? >> see you guys. >> god bless. thank you so much. >> jeffrey, stop it. petulant jeffrey. >> all righty. we have been friends a long, long time. >> i have known you since i was 16 or 17 years old. >> i think we have a picture of what you look like when we first became friends here in new york. you were doing "edge of night." put her right next to her today. >> you are more beautiful now and we are sick of it. >> oh, my gosh. thank you, kathy. >> there is a photo of you and i out there somewhere, from your gma days. >> yes, yes, we don't usually mention that. >> anyway. >> now, your daughter are
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following in your footsteps. >> they are. >> isabella and i just did a hallmark christmas movie. she would like to be an actress. we did a little movie together. i was so nervous for her. >> her first big role? >> her first acting experience at all. she has taken some classes but never been in front of the camera. she did a great job. >> she nailed it. >> i was so on her. you better know your lines. you better be prepared. she was. i was so proud of her. she did a really nice job. >> she is 18? >> she is going to be 18 in september. >> my younger daughter, olivia, has a youtube channel. >> about makeup. >> she has over 1 million. she has over 200,000 subscribers now. >> look at how beautiful she is there. >> she is getting bigger and bigger. >> the irony is she doesn't need makeup. >> i am like, you don't need it. she loves it. >> she loves shoes. >> she said she would watch the makeup artist come and do my
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makeup and she was incompetespi. she said, i'm going to start a youtube chape youtube channel. i said, have fun. next thing you know, it has turned into a career. >> there are so many more opportunities for kids today than when i was a kid. >> the internet has opened a lot of doors for kids and a lot of kids that have tall thaent wouldn't otherwise get seen. you are an artist or whatever it is. >> they are making up. >> everybody is over there. >> jeffrey, what are you doing, jeffrey? caught. >> we caught you. >> we're having a party. sorry. >> jeffrey. >> who are you going to call? >> ghost busted. >> now, you are back on "fuller house" and everybody is going crazy over this. >> "fuller house." second season. it has been great, a fun experience to go back. i am really happy for candice
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and jody, a spinoff show for those girls did very well on netflix. >> and "when calls the heart." >> going into season four. >> just gave them the christopher award. i didn't but they did. >> you know, i'm getting recognized now more and more. season four is the magic number. i know the show is building and i have a very strong season it is going to take off this season. >> which one are you talking about now? i hear you are a huge fan of the bachelorette. >> i do. i do watch the "bachelorette." >> come on in, amanda. >> what happened? >> last night, she had six guys. she knocked them down to four last night. i'm going to talk about two of them. the first one was this guy, alex. he is the marine. he is known for being the shorter guy. >> how short? >> around her height. >> at a certain point, it does make a difference. last night, he finally got a
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chance for a one on one date. they go to a ranch and they meet this gaucho and taught them how to have a horse laydown and they were told to spoon with the horse and that's when he takes his opportunity to have his moment to makeout with her. >> and the horse? >> it was like a weird spooning situation. i don't know. then, they go out to dinner and he is like, i'm going to go in and i'm going to say i love her. i'm taking the moment. he goes for her and take a look at her reaction. >> i wanted you to know that i think i'm falling in love with you. i know i'm falling in love with you. i feel amazing right now. i actually feel great that i can just sit here and now and breath. >> when you tell me you are falling in love with me, i don't feel as excited as i should feel. that kills me, specially in this
10:11 am
situation. i would expect for you to know that now and not make you wait all week. >> if you need kleenex, we have them right here. jerry could bring it down. >> when james taylor went. >> james taylor? >> on "the bachelorette." >> his name is james taylor. >> it is so good. >> anyway, poor alex got the boot. jordan is the front-runner from the get-go. he is the brother of aaron rodgers, the football player. >> in is good. >> you watched last night. >> yes. >> this is good. last night was the first night that he talked about his brother, aaron, the famous one. >> who was the elephant in the room all the time. >> let's take a look at what he said. >> my brother, luke, me and aaron don't have that much of a relationship. it's just kind of the way he has chosen to do life. i chose to stay close to my family and my parents and my brother.
10:12 am
it's not ideal and i love him and i can't imagine what it is like to be in his shoes and have the pressure he has and the demands from people that he has. i don't have hard feelings against him. it is just how things go right now. >> does he know that you are doing this? >> i don't think so. >> you guys don't talk at all? >> no, not really. at every step of my life, i was just kind of disappointed. no matter what i did, it was never good enough for a coach or for a teammate, because i was being compared to someone who did it the best. >> he knows now. aaron rodgers knows now. it makes him look a little not like a great guy. we don't know the other side. see if aaron has something to say. >> we don't know. it continues next week with the four. so we'll see. >> amanda, you are awesome. we don't care what anyone says, really. you are adorable. we love you. >> you know what time it is,
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lorie. it is almost time to give it away. this week's sponsor, this is something so exciting, is amazon. it is celebrating their prime day with our biggest give it away ever. >> boxee with a little bit of a message on here. boxy, let me just see what you have there. oh, my goodness. boxy, ways told you didn't have arms but you do have arms. >> the first prizes a samsung 55-inch smart tv. >> there is dawn adorable. we have two samsung tvs to give awhich away to two winners today. let's pick two from the drum. oh, i do it. lori, you pick one from this stack and i'll pick one from here just to be fair.
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one hero was on a mission to pasave snack time., watch babybel in the great snack rescue. you want a piece of me? good, i'm delicious. creamy, delicious, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. remember when you were a kid and you used to play truth or dare at a sleepover with your friends. >> imagine you were slaying an extreme grown-up version of na game and it was all broadcast live. >> that is the premise of the new thriller, yt nerve" starring emma roberts and james franco. one of the dares they take on is streaking through a department store in new york city. there they go. >> looks like fun. >> if you looked like them, it
10:18 am
would be fine to streak through the department store. >> when you read your stript that your agent sends you, it says, your characters, you are ze. >> and you are ian. >> what do you say to yourself, shoot, i have to go on a diet or request i pick my own underwear? >> you almost turn down the role. it was almost a deal breaker t was the scene that we both struggled with. >> why? >> because its embarrassing. you guys see it just us two on the screen. when you are filming it, there are literally 50 or 100 people standing behind the camera looking at you. it took two days to film. it is in the movie for five minutes. >> you were at berg doff. >> you should make the crew strip down to their underwear. >> we should have honestly. it is not as if it is a heavy sex scene or anything like that. >> it's still not enjoyable. >> you feel vulnerable, right? >> yes, very much so.
10:19 am
>> it is a great film. i watched it this weekend. i thought you were both wonderful. >> i got the film. it was really good. i have two teenage daughters. i thought it was very thought-provoking. it takes you to a new level. i said to my girls, it is almost like current social media meets the hunger games. >> you worked on that. >> where is my martini? >> where are our martinis? >> is that how it felt. you felt like that's pretty much what kid face in today's world in social media. >> to ab extent. there is a big scene that kid are willing to do things they wouldn't ordinarily do to get that instant fame. >> they get their self-worth from followers. >> followers that don't know you. >> you have the watchers who are the people that are hiding behind their screens. very interesting. i thought it was wonderful. i thought you guys had great
10:20 am
chemistry and you were both so good in it. >> gee, i wish i would have seen it. i don't know how that happened. anyway, what else do we want to talk about. >> what do you guys want to know? >> i want to know, do you guys get to drink every morning? >> we don't get to. we have to. it is in our contract. yes. >> they call you up the night before when you do the show and they go, do you want red or white? >> or rose' and soon pinot grigio. >> when does it open? >> it opens in theaters on july 7th. >> what are we doing next? >> we are give teeing away. the new "hamilton," hoda is here with javier munoz. i drive a golf ball. i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar. i have a driver. his name is carl. but that's not what we all have in common. we talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto®.
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> amazon celebrating their prime day, biggest deals of the year for prime members. >> we are about to give away a toy pack kanlg. >> includes the pash by deluxe and barbie pink available at am azon. >> sheila collie from carrier, mississippi. >> congratulation toss os to ou winner. >> we are going to give it away two more times. lor lori is going to find out what spanky tuesday is. we are celebrating our tradition. >> no time like the present for a little trivia after your
10:25 am
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10:27 am
midday newscast and find out the latest on our twitter feed as well. five straight bridge closures. we'll learn what crews are doing and how each early morning of all of those lanes on the bridge. we'll look at traffic and weather after the break.
10:28 am
=x at = ck tffic ps as we get a look at all the
10:29 am
microclimates, it will definitely feel like summer today in the south bay where highs reach into the mid to upper 80s. in the peninsula, anywhere from 66 at half-moon way to 9 degrees in palo alto and upper 60s in parts of san francisco in the mission district. 88 in santa rosa. low 90s for fairfield. also, we'll hit the low 90s in antioch and in the tri-valley, pleasanton today up to 92 degrees and 76 today in oakland. let's check in now with mike to see where you may be slowing down on the road! >> you may be slowing down on the castor valley. oakland and the approach to the bay bridge is looking really good especially for a tuesday. rippling back. at 238. it's cleared but the back-up has the memory that should clear up very soon. meanwhile, the rest of the bay looking very good. you expect slowing there and the slower southbound. it recovers after the earlier crash. 237 and just took a while to go back. that was the compression and now
10:30 am
you see it right by the truck scale. >> thank you. hey, make sure to join us at 11:00 for our next newscast. kristin and i will see you then. we're back on this boozeday tuesday. we miss hoda but we are so happy lori loughlin is our co-host. ♪ we are at the five and ten ♪ listening once again . >> that is not barbra streisand. that is kathy gifford. lori's new tv "north pole" will be airing this friday. >> it is a little repeat from last year. they are doing a whole christmas in july geared up for the new christmas movie that will be coming on. >> we thought it would be fun to play a chris mast trivia game. here to put us to the test is "pop goes the" brian
10:31 am
balthazar. >> you put in some effort. the rules are very simple. i'm going to ask you some multiple choice questions. they are easy and if you get them wrong, you ready? let's get started. >> you need to buzz in. >> we're in. >> i don't know who was first. >> can't eat cabbage. >> this is already going really well. how many towns in the united states are named christmas? is it "a" zero, "b" two or "c" 7. what's your answer, kathie lee? >> two. >> didn't you buzz in first? >> i buzzed first but that's all right. >> it is already going off really well. >> the answer is christmas, michigan, and christmas, florida. the answer is two. we would have included an honorable mention to christmas cove but neither of you knew
10:32 am
that. >> you didn't know it either. >> i've got the cards. i've got the power. quiet, please. savor this morning. sigh liens hon the fourth hour of the "today" show. it doesn't happen m often. finish the letter rick toss this. ♪ in the meadows we can build a snowman ♪ ♪ and pretend he is parson brown ♪ . >> what is a bar sparson brown? >> the preacher that's going to marry you. >> we are going to play a game called replace the face. we have taken a scene from the christmas movie and put your faces on it. guess which movie? take a look at the image. >> there we go. >> "elf." >> yes, kathie lee. >> lori? i'm a little disappointed. >> she doesn't ever do that. >> i feel like john stamos would have gotten that right.
10:33 am
>> question number four, we're narrowing down. i don't know the score. one to two. really close. which country created eggnog. is it "a" england or "b" norway or "c" canada? >> i was going to say norway and i don't know why. >> i was going to say canada. >> canada? well, you are both wrong. the answer is england. i think somebody would have gotten that right. >> eggnog is also known as milk punch and egg milk. >> so now we are at 1-2, break neck speed. >> nobody got it right. >> i got that point. >> gee, this is ugly. >> it's warming up in here. >> it's hot. >> the christmas classic jingle bells, "a" "bells on bobtails ring ♪
10:34 am
. ♪ oh what fun it is to ride in a sl sleigh tonight ♪ . >> do you know what a bob tail is? >> it is basically a way to style your hair for the horse. >> i think we're done. i think we're done. >> we have time for one more question. p the prizes are rewarded. a trying time of year. we are going to play one more round of replace the face. we have taken a scene from a christmas movie. what movie is this? >> it's an animated film. >> i know what it is. >> it's "the grinch that stole christmas." >> that's correct. >> that's 2-3. that's the last question. let's bring on the prize. >> so lori wins. >> kathy wins this. >> i give this to my co-host. >> thank you, thank you. >> go to amazon and buy some
10:35 am
enpsye encyclopedias. >> it is going to be christmas for a couple of you. we are giving away two more times. >> hoda steps on stage with the new star of ham "hamiltonth. >> javier munoz and food star, jeff rezakarian finally get the type of experience that can
10:36 am
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all summer long you have probably been grilling steak, burgers and chicken. today, we want to lighten things up. we called upon jeffrey zakarian to make the perfect summer dish, scallops and grilled vegetables. >> a new restaurant opening. >> in my neighborhood. >> it has been open four weeks. >> and the one in greenwich? >> almost eight months. it has been a busy year. >> a great year. so you are going to make us scallops which are so inseason. >> i love scallops. for me, i like to pair them with vegetables. it is just a little protein with not a lot of fat. we have these beautiful vegetables and make a grilled scallop with a grilled baby vegetable, tomato vinaigrette. a key to getting baby vegetables correct is you have to blast them first. a lot of people throw them on the grill. they are kind of tough. they don't taste right z they never tenderize. >> salted water.
10:41 am
slice them up and throw them in. >> i'm telling you, literally, 30 seconds. you bring them to a boil and put them in ice water and see how beautifully bright they are. >> people don't like the extra work but it is worth it. >> very easy. you bring them out here. make sure they are very dry, very simple and we're going to put them in this bowl and, again, you have to p add some love to this. it is not. it is what it is. >> you have to add love to everything. >> salt and pepper again, very important to add salt and pepper. i like a little extra virgin olive oil. this is all before you grill. the secret, a little white wine vinegar and some fresh basil. >> what does it do? >> it brightens it up and awakens the vegetable. >> you are not going to marinade it. >> no. just toss and grill it here and there you have it. if you want to help me, take them off and put it there sfwchlt cl why are summer vegetables make us so happy?
10:42 am
>> you feel like you are doing something good. it is very easy and you can do this in advance to enjoy your guests. these are beautiful scallops from stonington rhode island. a key to getting them clean, put them for 30 seconds in salted ice water. it gets all the impurities out of the scallops. i love ice water. salt and pepper. right on the grill. then, we're going to turn around and do our tomato vinaigrette to finish that up. >> let's do that quickly. >> okay. let's go. >> love scallops. >> tomato vinaigrette. it is what it is. tomatoes. we have used the grill and taken charred sliced tomatoes with a little salt and pepper and added a little red wine vinegar again, a little olive oil, and a little mustard. >> what kind of mustard? >> dijon mustard. it comes out like this. then, we are going to add something that's really fun. these are -- take a taste of that. tell me what you think that is.
10:43 am
>> is that caviar. >> basil seeds. we have plumped up basil seeds in water. it tastes like basil. it is in the hardware store. >> it doesn't taste as good. we are running out of time. >> salt and pepper vinegar and you finish it off with a little watercress on top and you have a very delicious, light meal. >> go to the new. >> georgie and the montage. for the rest, go to it is time to surprise. >> another looky viewer and our third give away prize is -- >> a bund have of amazon devices, including the amazon echo p. >> thank you, jeffrey. >> not yet. we are live still. >> that is so yummy. >> we're starting the spanky music. >> all righty. next on amazon echo with alexa,
10:44 am
a voice assistant. you are going to get a fire tv fix so you can get more than 4,000 chapels and a $500 amazon gift card. here is the winner. >> our next winner is lucinda mickle from cleveland, ohio. >> thank you, jeffrey zakarian. still, one more give it away prize to go and spanky tuesday. the winner could be you. >> hoda catches up with the olay regenerist renews from within... plumping surface cells for a dramatic transformation -without the need for fillers. your concert tee might show your age...your skin never will. olay regenerist. olay. ageless. and try the micro-sculpting cream you love now with lightweight spf 30.
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from the $10 bill to the play bill t is the show about . >> it is town. "hamilton." >> it was conceived, written and up until this past saturday night starred lin-manuel miranda but now lin passed the torch to 40-year-old javier munoz,
10:50 am
miranda's long-time col lab ray tore. >> before hoda went on vacation, she got a chance to catch up with him before he was stepping into the spotlight full-time as alexander hamilton glchlt is you know what's funny about your hands. any are rock steady. >> i don't get nervous very often. that means i doubt myself. >> you and lin are partners. it wasn't about you creating it and stepping in. >> this is a true partnership? >> yes, we literally tag each other. i go in. >> and you are a team. on the very first day you are on the stanl. >> yes, indeed. >> who was sitting here? >> the president of the united states. ladies and gentlemen. >> the president of the united states. >> was there tight security. >> the cop didn't believe i was in the show. i had to show him my playbook and the i.d. i really am the guy. that's me. this is the room this role toge.
10:51 am
still jealous he he got to perform for jay-z. and beyonce. what was your unnerving? them or the president of the united states? >> jay-z. and beyonce. >> what do you do when you feel there is a disappointment? people expect to see lin? >> i open my mouth and sing. just be thankful for it. >> the "new york times" calls you the sexiest hamilton. >> makes me want to go to the gym twice a day. >> when you found out you were taking over for reals? >> my mother.
10:52 am
>> she was your first phone call. >> yes. >> what did she say? >> we got emotional. she has seen me through so much. she knows this particular journey, this particular show. so, we shared the joy of that. >> you and i have been through something similar. i got sick, i didn't want to tell anyone. i really didn't. i never forget, i walked into my boss's office, i said to him, i have to tell you something. i have breast cancer. he said, i know a lot of people with breast cancer, they have one thing in common. they are still here. it must have been hard to say the words. >> it is still hard. i was so focused on the show. on this thing that has entered my life. and nothing was going to prevent me from losing this.
10:53 am
so, physically, i got myself back. ♪ >> wonderful. wow. i will see it tomorrow. >> you will love it. >> i saw lin. and xavier is phenomenal. >> it is about time for our final curtain call. and lauries what spansy tuesday is all about.
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
for our final give it away. one lucky viewer is about to win a listen sound bundle and two zebra wood affordable speakers and two head phones. wow. >> i want that. that sounded like a foreign language. >> they are also going to get a
10:57 am
$500 amazon gift card to use toward all kind of things, including music and other entertainment. >> this is exciting. let's find out who our final winner is. please, lori loughlin? >> all right. here we go. >> this has been fun. >> i am going to pull this one. >> pull this one. >> it is patricia bradshaw from petersburg, wyoming. >> west virginia. sorry. >> i want you to listen to this music. >> congratulations to all our winners. we shred the non-winning entries to make sure you never enter again until next week's prize for the complete rules go to klg& i want to thank lori. assume the position. now, we start to dance, start to move it like a conga line. >> you are a natural. you are a natural. >> tomorrow, dallas is with me. she will be smooching tom selleck tomorrow. >> i will.
10:58 am
>> leslie jones. plus, i will share my latest cosmetics honorinthe fe pole
10:59 am
11:00 am
offics whoave les in and right now at 11:00, president obama arriving seconds ago to dallas to pay tribute and honor the five police officers that gave their lives. good morning and thank you for joining us. >> president obama is doing his part now to help the city of dallas heal. he will also be joined by former president george w. bush. >> we are joined from outside the center where the president is there, what is


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